My Relationship With Sparrows

3 min readJun 11, 2021

I Feel Loved

Photo by Jacques LE HENAFF on Unsplash

In my home, there are so many sparrows. They made their houses in my home. I love feeding them. I love the air when they fly around me. I think they try to give me cool air. They do this to relieve me from the heat. That air is so charming and cool. I love it. I love to keep a small cup of water for them. When they drink it in summer, then I feel a sweet peace in my heart.

Photo by Cédric VT on Unsplash

When it’s our breakfast time they know it. They come and eat with us. Sometimes my family members make fun of me that even sparrows don’t afraid of me. But I don’t want to scold them. I feel loved when they are around me. Sometimes they eat from my plate too. I have so many memories of them. I want to share this with you.
One evening, I go outside from my room. I found two sparrow babies on the stairs of my home. They were so little and I don’t know how they reached there. I thought that they will fly away. But they don’t know how to fly.

After some time I thought that I will take them on the roof because there are so many sparrows. When I tried to touch them then one flew away and one didn’t. So now he is with me on the roof of my house. I tried to feed him but he didn’t. Then I kept him 20 metre away from me in front of my eyes. His mom came. And she fed him some wood by her mouth. She was teaching him how to fly? The little bird took some steps but at the edge of the roof, he stopped.

His mom tried to teach him until it was dark outside. But he couldn’t so his mom went to her nest and the little bird is still there sitting on the edge.

It’s late evening. We did our dinner. Still, he is there. So, I was a little worried that if he remains here then maybe the cat will eat him. So I took him to my room. There we talked for a long time. But I was not understanding what he was saying and I think he was also not understanding what I was saying. I tried to feed him but he didn’t.

It’s late night. And he was not sleeping. I was feeling like a mom whose baby was not sleeping. I tried to take him water and he drank. I was happy. I think, at that time, he trusts me. Or maybe he…




You can judge me based on my writing but I will not stop writing. I believe in myself✨