My story in my words

My journey starts twenty-one years ago, in a small village in India (Himachal Pradesh). Childhood passed while I was just learning to speak and walk and playing with mud and toys. Toys used to be my best friends. I remember that on the first day of my school I cried a lot, I didn’t want to go to school (I didn’t know that school is a place to fun and make friends). Later on, my friends and teachers made me fall in love with school and study. The first amazing memory of school is when I got the first prize…

I Feel Loved

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In my home, there are so many sparrows. They made their houses in my home. I love feeding them. I love the air when they fly around me. I think they try to give me cool air. They do this to relieve me from the heat. That air is so charming and cool. I love it. I love to keep a small cup of water for them. When they drink it in summer, then I feel a sweet peace in my heart.

I wanna stop being lazy — poetry

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I wanna stop procrastinating
I wanna go
I wanna start
I wanna continue
I wanna do everything
I wanna climb the mountain
I wanna swim in the ocean
I wanna walk on the street
I wanna chill on the hill
I wanna keep moving, keep doing
I don’t wanna stop
My dreams are weird but I wanna achieve them
But when it comes to act, I fall in love with my bed
I’m lazy and I hate it, I love it
I wanna stop being lazy
I wanna act …

I think we are all lazy up to some level…

Why we should choose ourselves?

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I don’t even remember how many times I chose people’s happiness over my happiness. I chose to make them happy by hurting my happiness. I chose to fit in their good mind.

But I ended up hurting, crying, and blaming myself.
When it comes to family I want to make them happy. Sometimes their happiness means hurting my feelings. I tried to make them happy and satisfied with my words and actions. But when I don’t get up early in the morning they yell at me like I never do anything.

I know they love me but I don’t like…

Cats mean bad luck

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When I was a little child, my parents told me not to cross the road if a cat just passed from there. We have to let someone else cross before us then we can cross. And if there is no one else around us then we have to throw a stone or anything on the road and let it pass first. And after then we can pass. By doing this, we pass bad luck to that stone or other people. Like an obedient child, I followed these things until I grew up.
Indians don’t like cats. They think that cats mean…

It never begins

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It was about seven years ago when I was a school student. We used to play at lunchtime in our school. One day, my friends told me that one guy always keeps looking at me. And I said okay, but who is he? They told me that he is there. Even they don’t know his name. When I looked at him for the very first moment, he was looking at me. I said (in my mind), why are you looking at me?
Days passed. One day our mutual friend (his friend and my friend) told me his name. She told me…

I want you to know them

Photo by Neemias Seara from Pexels

I’m 21 years old. My life taught me some of the lessons which I never want to forget. I want to share these with you so that you can learn something from my experiences and live a better life.

Here are 18 lessons from 21 years of my life:

Focus on what you can control:

If you are focusing on the things which are not in your control then you are wasting your energy. Don’t wish that people will change. They will not. Learn to accept them as they are. Accept what you can’t change and focus on that what is in your control. …


You can judge me based on my writing but I will not stop writing. I believe in myself✨

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