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My journey starts twenty-one years ago, in a small village in India (Himachal Pradesh). Childhood passed while I was just learning to speak and walk and playing with mud and toys. Toys used to be my best friends. I remember that on the first day of my school I cried a lot, I didn’t want to go to school (I didn’t know that school is a place to fun and make friends). Later on, my friends and teachers made me fall in love with school and study. The first amazing memory of school is when I got the first prize…

You Already Have It But You Don’t Know

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Warren Buffett once said: “The more you learn, the more you earn.” That is so true.

Look at successful people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Oprah, Mark Cuban, and any other successful human. They are successful because they use their time right. They are successful because they are lifetime learners. They commit to learning new things every single day.

Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest humans on the planet, is famous for reading for more than five hours every day. Bill Gates reads one book per week. Mark Cuban: three hours a day. Oprah, well she is just…

Good Parents Can Build A Great Nation

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All parents love their children. But sometimes children don’t feel it. Raising kids is one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world. Here are some pieces of advice for a healthy relationship between you and your child:

Let your children make choices:

Don’t just put your wishes on your children. And always keep telling them to do it. Let them make their decisions. Teach them the difference between good and bad. Don’t take decisions for them. Set them free to take their decisions.

Don’t pressurize them:

Don’t pressurize your children for anything. Don’t pressurize them for good grades. Don’t pressurize them for getting married. Don’t…

Love is a temporary emotion.

All emotions are temporary. If you think that you are in love and it’s enough for a happy and healthy long-lasting relationship then you are wrong. Don’t be together just because you are in love. Be together for the right reasons. Everything that makes a relationship healthy for both people requires genuine love and a deep level of friendship and respect. Love itself is nothing but just a temporary emotion. Love is never enough to sustain a relationship.

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Are you happy in your relationship? Ask yourself that are you happy? If not then why are you in that relationship? Winning…

Are you feeling like you are losing hope? Are you feeling like there is nothing to be grateful for? Do you think that your life is hard?
Are you feeling lonely? Are you feeling depressed?

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I don’t know how depression looks like. I don’t know how it feels.
I didn’t think about it unless my friend commit suicide.
In the past few months, I got news of the suicide of one of my classmates, after some days another one of my schoolmates commit suicide.
These are people who are well known to me some years ago. They were my schoolmates. I was shocked when I hear that these people are no more in this world.
It was hard to believe that people who are in my age just in their twenties can commit suicide.

We Can Smile Even After Falling

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In the morning when I go outside of my house, a little kid is smiling and calling me didi (sister) and starts running towards me.
Let’s go back to yesterday. In my neighborhood, there was a home under construction. Workers are doing their work. They have kids with them. Kids are playing outside. There is a little kid maybe around three years old. His name is Ishant. I talked to him and then we play together. When it’s time to go home, his mom comes to take him back. And he starts crying. He wants to play but it’s too…

Life in a village in India

Hi… I live in a small village in India. The population of my village is around 300.

How’s the day starts? People wake up early in the morning and start roaming in the streets. My day starts with a cup of tea and with the songs of the chirping of birds. I love to watch the sunrise and doing worship in the morning. People are already doing their works in the fields. Some people in my village are farmers and some are part-time farmers(with another job). But they all do farming. They just love their fields and their crops and…

Do you introduce yourself based on your religion?

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Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians.

I don’t like the concept of caste and religion.

We are human beings, we all are same

It’s not good to fight on the religion’s name

We are humans first and Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians later

Don’t think that your religion is best and for other religions, don’t be a hater

I hate when people hate other people just because of their religion

Religions are not bad but we forget that we all are humans

Religions are later, we are humans first

Don’t define yourself based on your religion

Don’t hate anyone based on religion


For A Great Day Ahead And Hence For A Happy Life

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Every new day comes with a new hope. No matter what happened last day, a new day gives you a chance for a new beginning. We can start a new life with a new day. Last night was the last night for some and we are blessed with another chance to live a better life and we can make the most out of our day and thus out of our life if we begin our day with a proper state of mind. Here are some little things that you can do to make your day

Gratitude: Begin your day with…


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